Finally, we are live!

Annnnd we are live! It’s been quite the journey to finally launch my new brand, Designpixel. It’s been a long time coming and on my 31st birthday, it’s finally here. A new start!

I was planning on writing a post on the journey that brought me to this destination: how I trekked through blizzards, climbed mount Everest and fought off a pack of angry honey badgers. However, I realized that my story has just begun and I wish to bring everyone along for this new ride.

Check back on this blog for giveaways, design tips, freebies, useful links and articles for your business. I always believed that you, my supporters, my fans, are my source of inspiration. I plan on inspiring you back. Thanks for riding with me!

About Designpixel

Designpixel is a graphic design, website design and printing studio based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We provide services to corporate, real estate, individuals and retail clients. Designpixel is founded by Davide Giliati and supported by a talented team experts in various fields. We are a full service agency.

© 2012 Copyright Designpixel, All Rights Reserved

© 2012 Copyright Designpixel, All Rights Reserved